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Me to We May 17, 2012

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MetoWe.com is an amazing website created to bring consumer products made from struggling and impoverished into privileged hands. I bought this incredible rafiki friendship bracelet made in Kenya. Check out their website for other incredible handmade jewelry as well as trips and other charity projects.


The US Open? Wimbledon? July 23, 2010

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I’m not much of a sports fan and I haven’t really participated in sports since public school. But this is a dream I had about awhile back..

I was on a tennis court in a big stadium. There were a lot of fans in the stands. I walked up to the side with my racket and sat down with another player. I didn’t feel out of place, however, I recognized I was a newbie to it all, whatever it was. (I only attributed the US Open/Wimbledon to it once I was awake.) I don’t know if I really acknowledge the tournament or the extent of it.

My friend Natalie walks up to me to say hello before the match, and she’s with a friend I can’t identify and I can’t seem to picture her now. I guess her friend or Natalie questioned how I was able to get into something so awesome. I kind of say something along the lines, I don’t know, I’m not sure but realizing that I felt lucky but knew that I worked hard. Natalie acknowledge this, I felt it in my dream. She went off to sit in the crowd, she couldn’t get a seat facing me, but behind me.

The dream ends on a low, wide shot of the court from that viewpoint, but its pulled back and dark around the sides. The sky and light is pretty gray. I remember the feel of the tennis racket handle.

I woke up and thought, wow, even Natalie comes and supports me in my dream. I recognized the feeling of working hard, not to sports, but to that of my experience with photo in high school. (Work hard because you want to, for yourself, and then be pleasantly surprised for any recognition small and large and be humbled by it all also..)

I didn’t care to recognize all the sporting events that happened lately, I even forgot about the tennis event. After this dream, I got up to check my email and in my inbox is an NYTimes alert telling me Serena Williams won her lastest grand slam, and it intrigued me that my unconscious was more aware of the things happening around in the world than my conscious is…

Umm? May 4, 2010

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I recently viewed the new Freddy film. Yea, it was terrible. Next to it being terrible I heard a terrible claim within the crowd and even suggested in the movie: IF YOU DIE IN YOUR DREAMS YOU DIE IN REAL LIFE!!!

Ummm, No.

Dreams occur in your REM cycle. We physiologically still have no idea why human’s and animals dream. We know why REM is necessary for life, it slows your brain, heart and all automatic functions (like breathing), so that it can have a rest period. Without this rest period you can have a heart attack and die…. No REM = bad.

What can be extrapolated from this claim “you die in your sleep, you die for real” is that  the psychological projection of images that occupy the brain during this reduced breathing period actually start to mimic a scenario in which the dreamer inevitably dies in order to warn the dreamer that their body is having trouble holding on to life.

This just doesn’t make sense. I’ve watch people desat (blood oxygen level lowers-killing brain cells and such) to dangerous levels (15-30%) who awaken claiming to have been dreaming beautiful dreams, when they are actually suffocating themselves.

We don’t know why we dream what we dream, different symbols mean different things to everyone.

Don’t be afraid to die in your dreams.

HEY DREAM CONNECT! April 30, 2010

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My occupation is sleep, so I know specifically why it’s so important. I haven’t been able to get much sleep because of my work load, this is a terrible fact and I do not endorse it. So because of the lack of sleep, I don’t really have any recent dreams to blog about and I’ve decided to blog about the first dream I can remember ever having. It terrified me and I guess that’s why the images that I can still vividly see are sered into my brain.

I was 4 or 5 (I had not started school yet) and in the dream I’m standing in my apartment in Vegas. I’m standing in the living room and there was a long rectangle window about eye view next to the front door. We had those cheep plastic individual vertical panel blinds, and they always had at least one panel missing. I’m staring out the window from the living room and I saw this giant, red, Hayao Miyazaki-esk train peaking through the missing panels. I can feel the panic immediately,  I know somethings wrong. The train makes this loud “chug” sound, it’s getting ready to leave. I start to look around my apartment and realize I’m the only one there. All of the furniture that was previously there was now gone. Instinctively I know my whole family is on the train that was about to leave. I run outside and pump my arms, failing, trying to stop the train. I see my mother, father and brother all wave ‘goodbye’from windows of the bright red train. The smoke starts to billow from underneath the carts and even though the train is five stories high, it starts to pull away from my apartment faster than I can run. My family continues to wave goodbye until I’m alone in the courtyard of my apartment complex. There is no one around, the entire place is empty. I start to cry and wake up in tears.

I know! Terrible abandonment issues! lol. I have this dream book thing that I’ll use in my next blog to try and ‘decode’ this emotionally charged dream. There are apparently many symbols in our dreams that have universal meaning to the conscious of the brain, and the only way to really learn what they mean personally to you is to have a dream diary.

has this happened to you? April 28, 2010

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Lol! Last night I went to sleep and somehow the bloomberg chennel was on! The who time I was dreaming whatever was being said on tv! The whole night it was the interegation of goldman sachs lol! I woke up in te morning at 6:30 and they were still talking about it! I was sooo annoyed I felt I heard this all already!!!

Dreams April 22, 2010

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Hey everyone!  Thanks for signing up for DreamConnect.  This is the place where you can post entries related to the dreams you are having and what you think they mean.  You can also search through entries to see if anyone else is having similar dreams!  Click the “New Post” button on top of your browser window to post a new blog entry.  Add tags to your posts to help other users find your entries faster, and make sure you check the “Dreams” category to make sure your post gets filed in the right spot.  Thanks again for joining, and don’t forget to spread the word!

Welcome to DreamConnect! April 19, 2010

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Welcome to DreamConnect!  I started this website as a place where people can come to connect with others through their dreams.  In order to get started sharing your dreams with the DreamConnect community, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a WordPress account.  You don’t need to create a blog in order to start making posts to the DreamConnect blog.
  2. Once you have a WordPress account, send an e-mail to dream.connect@yahoo.com asking for author rights.  If you’re viewing this page from Facebook you can click “Contact” on the bottom of the page to send a message to DreamConnect asking for author access.

And that’s it!  As you can see, this site is brand new and there are no posts yet.  Please contribute to get things rolling!  Also, please become a fan of DreamConnect on Facebook by clicking here.